Tonkotsu Shabu Shabu Bar

Japanese Restaurant


Shabu shabu meaning, “swish swish” is the place to come and try different broths cooked over a convection plate while picking your favorite thinly sliced meats (cut to order) of choice. Vegetables and rice are included as well to compliment the meats. My favorite broth is the Sukiyaki with rib eye beef and a side of pork belly. There are many seasonings to add to your broth for those who like it a little more spicy and flavor ( chili paste made in house, fresh minced garlic, sesame oil, chili oil, green onions, etc). When putting the meats in the broth it cooks almost instantly, when taking out you can put in a ponzu sauce or sesame sauce then eat with the rice and veggies. If you are looking to try and new place especially on a colder day this is a place to go.