Herbs and Rye

Bar & Grill


We make pretty good steaks, and REALLY good cocktails. Come see what we’re about.
So much has been made of the cocktail menu at Herbs & Rye that many people don’t know that it has a full menu of steaks and Italian classics. There are no fewer than seven steaks on the menu, with flatbreads, sides, and some witty descriptions.
There’s an emphasis on cocktail history here; in fact, the menu is separated not by spirits but by eras. (You’ll find sections for the Gothic Age, Golden Age, Old School Age, and Prohibition.) And you’ll get a little history lesson along with your drink. From the Gothic Age menu, you’ll find the Martinez, made of gin, Italian vermouth, maraschino, and bitters: “First reached print in 1884 in the O.H. Byron’s Book, The Modern Bartender’s Guide.” This place is all about classics with an origin story, curated by one of the best mixologists around.