Da Silva Steak House

Steak House


Our story began 1951 in the Caribbean Islands of Curacao, Maximiano Barros da Costa, had relocated from Portugal to work for the Shell Company. Two years later, he decided to move to Venezuela looking for a better life for him and his family.
It was in the city of Punto Fijo where Maximiano launched a small business called “La Parrilla Picada en Media Pipa”.
His business was thriving so well that one his clients, Mr. Urdaneta, encouraged him to move to Maracaibo, Zulia for a bigger opportunity. It was here, in the traditional streets of Belloso where Maximiano ventured on to create a new restaurant. A half pipe grill called “Esta es mi Arepa”, a menu of arepas for a cent of a bolivar and chopped parrillas for one bolivar. Business was flourishing, and the restaurants reputation was taking on much recognition that the Costa family decided to move to a bigger and better location close to the Avenida Santa Rita. At this new location is where the name “Parrillada Familiar* was born in 1964. Maximiano and his family successfully operated their establishment for several years before finally moving to the city of Cecilio Acosta. This newfound home gave birth to
“Parrilla Familiar Da Silva” a humble oasis tucked under the shady mango trees and urban atmosphere where Maxi miano tended tables and served parrillas seasoned with his homemade salsa verde.