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Come try the best escape room business near you! Escapism Room Escape Games is an escape room business located at The Shoppes at Zion Shopping Center in Suite #11. Our storefront is between Del Sol / Cariloha Bamboo and Eddie Bauer. You can learn more about our available games on our rooms page. If you are interested in a corporate team building package, you can learn more about that on our team building page or you can call us at the number above.

Escapism is a high-quality, next-generation escape room provider. Our escape rooms are 60-minute, full-immersion games where you will search for clues, solve puzzles, and overcome challenges, through a fully-themed set, to reach an end goal that varies by your chosen scenario. For example, you could be escaping from a detonating spacecraft, carrying out a heist to steal the Hope Diamond, or investigating a serial killer’s apartment to find his next victim. Our games bring epic experiences to life in an extremely safe and fun manner – we will never lock doors behind you!

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